Sayonara Raspberry Pi 2b

Sayonara Raspberry Pi 2b


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Well like all good things come to an end, so has my journey with my Raspberry Pi 2B which has been here for almost a decade.

It's a nifty little device, and with 1 GB of ram everything was possible from running a Pi-hole DNS server to running a Python Script to play audio back in 2016, my StackOverflow question still exists here!

I initially got it for learning electronics but at that time the pi was quite expensive so I had to find a way to get it.

However, after many years, I somehow blew it up, I actually don't know how that happened, well I was too sleepy to remember but I somehow gave the 3v GPIO pin a 5v current while trying to get the UART to work and now my raspberry Pi is stuck in this state

Where both the Green and the Red light are on, after reading many articles about the polyfuse blowing up and waiting several days to see if my Pi would resurrect I think it's finally time to say goodbye. Unless well I find a way to fix this somehow.

It's been a good buddy for about 8 years, and a small yet unknown mistake on my end caused it to blow up...

I've done a lot of learning on this Pi, half of which, I've never documented.

So long Pi2b

The last few random messages on my minicom terminal