Install Ansible using pip on Risc-v

Install Ansible using pip on Risc-v


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Well I've been trying to contribute to the risc-v ecosystem, and usually I get either overwhelmed by what I'm doing or I get bored... but I do work well when I've got a task on hand, like the one I took below!

I've been a fan of what Jeff Geerling does for a long time! Honestly was glad to be able to help, I even got a mention in his blog post!

So let's begin this article!

To go further from here, I first logged into my Vision Five 2 board.

Then I created a Python virtual env.

python -m venv venv
python --version

When I initially tried pip install ansible after creating a virtual environment, it failed.

running build_ext
      running build_rust
      error: can't find Rust compiler

This gave me a hint, I need to install the rust compiler

# Ubuntu/Debian derivatives
sudo apt install -y rustup
rustup install stable
rustc --version

This was all good, and I went on ahead with running the pip command again.

But that didn't work either

run pkg_config fail: Could not run `PKG_CONFIG_ALLOW_SYSTEM_CFLAGS=1 pkg-config --libs --cflags openssl`
        The pkg-config command could not be found.

        Most likely, you need to install a pkg-config package for your OS.
        Try `apt install pkg-config`, or `yum install pkg-config`,
        or `pkg install pkg-config`, or `apk add pkgconfig` depending on your distribution.

        If you've already installed it, ensure the pkg-config command is one of the
        directories in the PATH environment variable.

So I once again, went ahead and installed pkg-config

## Ubuntu/Debian derivatives: 
sudo apt install -y pkg-config
## Archlinux: 
sudo pacman -S pkg-config

Then finally, ansible was built! by running pip install ansible

Building wheels for collected packages: cryptography
  Building wheel for cryptography (pyproject.toml) ... /
  Created wheel for cryptography: filename=cryptography-42.0.8-cp312-cp312-linux_riscv64.whl size=1497465 sha256=2effb0faf4641f1e0f958611dc3d74117c0acb07ffbef09813563e9aa406321d
  Stored in directory: /home/user/.cache/pip/wheels/3d/72/97/171f6cd6eaa8c4f755fc233cbd14fe300a71acff1187ca08d5
Successfully built cryptography
Installing collected packages: resolvelib, PyYAML, pycparser, packaging, MarkupSafe, jinja2, cffi, cryptography, ansible-core, ansible
Successfully installed MarkupSafe-2.1.5 PyYAML-6.0.1 ansible-10.1.0 ansible-core-2.17.1 cffi-1.16.0 cryptography-42.0.8 jinja2-3.1.4 packaging-24.1 pycparser-2.22 resolvelib-1.0.1

[notice] A new release of pip is available: 24.0 -> 24.1.1
[notice] To update, run: pip install --upgrade pip

It's been a while since I've written something, so hopefully this helps me get back into writing.

Further, I've compiled a gist for this

Feel free to suggest edits etc.